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Like a flower

Like a flower Like a flower

Additional Information

  • Size:

    Ø 7.9" x 9.8"

  • Price:

    € 295

  • Material:

    stoneware clay

As you get older you have increasingly to say goodbye to the people in your life. What struck me on those funerals is, that there is so much love and understanding between people, and thus hope.

Urn in the form of a luxurious flower/plant with cover.
Stoneware clay, glazed, fired at 1220°C and fired with gold lustre at 750°C.

In addition to grave monuments I also make vases/urns (usually commissioned) for the ashes of people, but also of animals.

  • Open urnOpen urn

If you want to commission something, then a delivery time of at least two to three months must be taken into account. First I'll talk with the client, make sketches and/or experiments/models. Then I'll have to execute the work. In ceramics it is a matter of making/building, let dry, firing, and possibly fire again after glazing. It all takes its time. If a bronze caster and/or a blacksmith is needed, then there's often an additional delivery time of three months.

If one does not want something special for a person, then sometimes something fitting is ready fot immediate taking. Then there's no waiting.

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