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Hush hush baby

Hush hush baby Hush hush baby Photo Cees Wouda

Additional Information

  • Size:

    9.5" x 5.1" x 4.3"

  • Price:

    € 295

  • Material:

    wood, stoneware clay

Three squirrels, 3 rabbits and a sleeping child. A box about the children's world inspired by several traditional Dutch lullabies.

  • Top of the cabinet

The title is a reference to a Dutch lullaby in which the child is spoken to:
Hush hush baby.
What are you crying for
Is your stomach aching or do you have cold feet?
We will make a fire, make porridge.
The cradle is rocking for my fat little one.

Painted wooden betel nut box with ceramics.

Stoneware clay glazed, fired at 1220°C, fired with gold lustre at 750°C.


From the series Holy Holy.

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