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To be here no more

To be here no more To be here no more

Additional Information

  • Size:

    15.7" x 8.6" x 2.7"

  • Price:

    € 295

  • Material:

    painted wood, stoneware clay

Poem cabinet of painted wood with rust paste.

Stoneware clay, glazed, fired at 1220°C, fired with gold lustre at 750°C.

From the series Poem cabinets.


  • Opened cabinet with poem

To be here no more
one never get used to it
there remains
an empty place
a lost feeling
vague security
that all will
be fine again
will feel
as a worn-out coat
or old shoes
sniffing once more
the familiar scent
coming home
everything into place
as usual
that desire

but the old days
will never be
and slowly
new images
sounds smells
lay upon
the old ones
the memory remains
less and less visible
painful too
it itches
it scours
under the surface
cherished pain.

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