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Reflection Reflection Photo Albert van Ool

Additional Information

  • Size:

    sinc 15"x29"x39"
    chair 10"x15"x17"

  • Price:

    € 950

  • Material:

    wood, chamotte clay

Reflection is a wooden sink/dressing table that was designed by Margaretha Broers.
On the sink a ceramic bowl with jug, and birds. A bird is sitting on the accessory seat.

6 Ceramic birds sit on/near the sink and are reflected in the water of the jug and the bowl and mirror. One bird is hanging on the wall near the sink, as if he flies out. Not just the reflection in water and mirror but also a reflection of inside and outside.

I have painted the sink in greens and gold: as if the outside world is inside and vice versa. Contours of feet or leaves, who will tell, walk through the green. A matt satin varnish finishes it off.

The birds are of fine white chamotte clay and fired biscuit at 1040°C. After that they are fired again with oxides (iron, copper, cobalt) and a transparent matt glaze. Finally they are fired with lustre (pearl shell, gold, copper) one more time at 750°C.

  • First designFirst design
  • Bird in the ovenBird in the oven
  • Detail insideDetail inside
  • Detail outsideDetail outside
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