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Two worlds


Two worlds
old and new
look up to
obedient to
pinned down starched
Armored against
the other troubled
into eternity

fetch two buckets of water
pump two buckets of water
the girls on the clogs
the girls with a wooden leg
where has our Corrie gone?

in the rhythm
of everyday life
do what has
to be done
born birthday
in love engaged
married mourned
remorse regret living

everything in the wind
everything in the wind
do not be afraid
my child

to be, solid
as a rock, at home
in the village the family
faithful to
your self and
the others
still curious
to –

in impe dimpe dampelaan
every week a boat arrives
What does that little boat bring
a casket coffee a casket tea
an old watering can a coat for Uncle Pieter
a drum and a flute
a biscuit tin
and seven Flemish giants
with dots on their noses

Submitted for the writing competition of Het Wilde Oog.

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