22th april up to 3rd june 2018

Forty ceramics artists from the Dutch Department of Ceramics present their works with the arboretum as decor. The first public day of the exhibition 'Ode to Nature' is on Sunday 22nd April with a guided tour at 14.00 with a guide from the artists and a guide from the Trees Museum. Later in the season there are two more joint tours: on 21st May at 14.30 and on 3rd June at 13.30.

7th january up to 7th february 2018

Solo exhibition in Galerie Bloemrijk Vertrouwen.

3th march up to 4th april 2018

Group exhibition Woman Adrift

17th juni up to 24th september 2017

Group exposition in G achttien 88 in Baarland.

1st may up to 30th october 2017

Until the end of October, a number of my sculptures can be seen in the sculpture garden of gallery 't Vossenveen in Albergen.

29th april up to 29th october 2017

Art & Sailing is a large biennial outdoor exhibition in and around the medieval canals of Amersfoort. This year the theme is 'Holy Houses'.

29th april up to 29th oktober 2017

Approx. 50 artists show their artwork on the windowsill of Amersfoort houses. Route booklets are available free of charge at various addresses.

4th march up to 3rd april 2017

Group exhibition with Hannah Elisabeth Walstra (paintings), Janny Bruinsma (paintings), Marja Griede (objects), Hilda Klaassen (paintings and an object, Adriana Nichting (ceramics) en Gerhild van Rooij (photography).

18th June up to 25th September 2016

Group exhibition in G achtien 88 in Baarland.

5th up to 30th March 2016

Theme exhibition with, among others, Gerdie de Jong (animation installation), Hilda Klaassen (object, paintings, graphics), Adriana Nichting (ceramics) and Gerhild van Rooij.

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